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About TickX

TickX is completely free for our users. We operate on a commission basis, which means that there are no upfront fees for listing on the site and we don’t take any payment unless we generate sales for your events. The specific commissions that we charge vary based on volume, location and the type of event tickets that you sell. If you are interested in listing your events on TickX, please get in touch.

When a user finds the tickets they want and goes to purchase, TickX will connect them with a ticket seller or box office to fulfil the order. TickX then receive a small fee for referring the customer to the website.

For event hosts, TickX is an additional marketing channel. By listing your events on TickX, we can help you reach new audiences and drive incremental sales. 

We receive our event information from our 100+ ticket partners, using our AI matching engine to make everything look neat and tidy. We’re constantly looking to improve the way that we collect and organise event data, so if you see any issues on the website, please tell us.

An intelligent alert is a push notification or email sent to our users alerting them to new information about the events, shows, performers or locations that they follow and enjoy.

TickX discover is a feature of our member’s accounts which provides them with a personalised guide of events they’d enjoy. We use artificial intelligence to select events and recommendations based on the artists, shows, locations and performers that they already follow, collating them all together on one page for users to explore.

At TickX we believe in giving users all the options, which is why we include secondary tickets in our listings. We only include trustworthy secondary sellers that will give users a good experience and who will help should circumstances change.

Tickets will always be shown on TickX with the cheapest prices first, regardless of whether the cheapest price is primary or secondary. We’ll always be clear when the cheapest ticket is secondary so that you know who you’re buying from.

Find more about our stance on secondary tickets here.

TickX works with hundreds of different venues across the UK, Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands. If you represent a venue and would like to work with us or find out more, please get in touch.

The varied nature of the tickets sold on TickX means that we attract a diverse audience of enthusiastic event goers. If you would like to understand specific details regarding our audiences, please request our media pack.

TickX is proud to have strong relationships and inventory across Europe, our primary regions are currently the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands and Ireland. We’re looking to grow significantly across Europe this year. If you would like to understand specific details regarding our reach, please request our media pack.

No. TickX is an events and ticket search engine, much like how Skyscanner is for flights, and Compare the Market is for things like insurance. We are not a ticket seller and we do not sell any tickets directly.

No, TickX does not sell any tickets directly. Instead, we list events from our 100+ ticket partners, comparing prices for the user, much like how Skyscanner or Compare the Market do for flights or insurance. 

Promotion and Editorial

We want to make sure the homepage features trending, interesting and useful events for our users to explore. If you think you fit into those categories, please reach out to to discuss getting featured.

By listing your events on TickX, our user base will be able to access them and get relevant recommendations in their personalised discovery section. 

We like to celebrate excellent venues around the country for their hard work and achievements by awarding TickX Award. In the past we have given out awards in: Accessibility, Independent Music Venues, Sound System, Theatre and more.

Our editorial team hand selects the venues they feel are going the extra-mile. If you know of someone deserving of a TickX award, reach out to them to discuss your nomination. 

For Event Hosts

Listing Your Event

Yes, we can add multiple events at a time using a CSV, TSV or XML document. Find out more about listing your events in bulk here.

Yes – for clients with larger inventories, we can ingest data via an API in an XML or JSON format. We integrate these on a case by case basis, so please get in touch.

Tracking sales is an essential component of selling your events through TickX. First, it allows both TickX and our clients to be able to clearly see the referrals and sales that TickX has driven, ensuring that we invoice you correctly.

Furthermore, our ranking algorithm prioritises listings and ticket sellers with high conversion rates, as this is a signal of happy customers. If you don’t have the TickX sales tag on your Thankyou/Checkout Complete page, this could be negatively impacting your performance on TickX.

This depends on the specific method by which you’ve provided the information and the  workload of our integrations team. Our business development team will give you regular updates throughout the integration process.

As TickX is an events and tickets search engine, we do not sell any tickets directly. We only work with trusted ticketing vendors, and therefore cannot list individual tickets for resale.

You will be able to see the traffic that TickX has referred to your website in your own analytics tool. TickX can provide data on how your event is performing, but this information is currently not available as a self-serve tool.

We are constantly looking for ways to generate new value for our partners, so if a self-serve performance dashboard is something you would be interested in seeing, please get in touch.

Event Information

Please contact us here with the URL of the incorrect event and the information that needs changing.

Please contact us here with the URL of the incorrect event and the new dates.

Please contact us here with the URL of the incorrect event and we will take it down immediately.

TickX always strives to offer accurate and complete data to our customers. Contact us here to let us know and we’ll make sure to get a fix in place ASAP.

TickX always strives to offer accurate and complete data to our customers. Please contact us here with the URL of the incorrect event and the information that needs changing and we can update it right away.

At TickX we take our service very seriously. We strive to promote the events market globally. If you feel that we have fallen short of your expectations, please contact us here in the first instance and we will look to remedy this immediately.