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TickX – Forbes 30 Under 30

With Tickx, Manchester pair Sam Coley and Stephen Pearce, both 26, aims to do for entertainment what SkyScanner has done for flights and Trivago for hotels

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Press Guidelines

Use of TickX trademarks is protected under intellectual property law. You may use our trademarks if you’re a ticket partner, sponsor, affiliate, or other authorised user. If you have any other queries about the use of our logos or trademarks please contact us.

Our official colour palette is Black (Hex value: #000000, Pantone Black), White (#ffffff), Teal (#0fcec9, Pantone 3252 C) and Navy (#00004c Panton 2766 C). Legibility and consistency are always paramount in the application of our logo.

The minimum size that the TickX logo should be applied at is 70px wide in web and 26mm wide in print.

The minimum clearance of the TickX logo is created by half of the height of the letter C. Our preferred clearance is the full height of the letter C.

It’s fairly obvious, but to be absolutely clear, please avoid altering the logo in any way.

  •   Never split the logo into two colours
  •    Never stretch or condense the logo
  •   Never space the letters differently
  •   Never re-size any of the elements
  •   Never display the logo at an angle
  •   Never show the logo as an outline

Circular is the primary typeface for use in Print, Raleway is the primary web typeface. Where possible, numeric values on the web should use the font Rawline.

Where Circular, Raleway and Rawline are not avaiable, please use Arial as a fallback.

For Press Enquiries, Please Contact