Our Ticket Resale Policy

We are committed to transparency.

We want to be clear on what secondary ticketing (or resale) means to us. 

 What exactly are primary and secondary tickets?

A primary ticket is when it’s sold for the very first time, at the price the organisers set (although ticketing sites may add small service charges). This can include buying from the box office, the performer or primary ticketing sites like Ticketmaster, SeeTickets, London Theatre and more. A primary ticket can be known as face value

A secondary ticket – also known as resale – is when that ticket gets sold on again, sometimes for a higher price.

Why are secondary tickets sold via TickX?

At TickX we believe in giving you all the options, which is why we include secondary tickets in our listings.

We only include trustworthy secondary sellers that will give our users a good experience and who will help you should something change.

Tickets will always be shown on TickX with the cheapest prices first, whether that’s primary or secondary so that you can see the cheapest price no matter what. We’ll always be clear when the cheapest ticket is secondary so that you know who you’re buying from.